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Professional Coaching

Leadership and Career coaching is for you if you know that you want to do more and can develop further in your career. Whether you know what you want to focus on or want to explore your direction you know that you have the potential to move forward. 

My experience centres around working with both individuals and teams in the career development and strategic leadership space. 


We will quickly unlock the challenges or blockers to get that clear focus and direction to drive you forward. Find that motivation and make a difference. 

Why work with me?

My approach is direct and to the point, I am focused on supporting you to deliver change for yourself or your team.  My clients see fast, transformational results and you will as well. 


I have significant experience working in both start ups together with complex multinational organisations and understand the many faceted challenges that come with leadership roles.

The approach 

Our 1:1 sessions will be designed around your personal focus areas and tailored to your leadership style. We will spend time reviewing your purpose and how coaching will enable you to move forward. We will then focus on the areas you want to see change, using our experience of supporting leaders, different models and leadership development tools to ensure you get the most from the sessions. Our wrap up will be reflection and growth focused with a clear plan of delivery. 


When may you need leadership coaching;

  • In preparation for or within a new role 

  • Transition through a period of change 

  • To increase confidence, self awareness or life balance 

  • With a new team or new leader 


Our sessions will be open and honest, the more you invest in the coaching process the more you can achieve as a leader. 


Coaching is a personal journey for each individual whether you are working with a personal or professional focus. 
You might have an area of focus, or just know that something doesn't feel right and you want to refind that balance in your life. 


Contact me for a free discovery call to see how we could work together. 

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