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My sessions with Kellie are like mind yoga, stretching thoughts and releasing stress. I always feel better and can think clearer after my session

March 2022


May 2022

I was initially sceptical about coaching but after going through a tough time at work and being unable to solve it with my old habits I was recommended to Kellie. She has completely changed my mind regarding the value of coaching, so much so that I have recommended it to my peers and many colleagues. Kellie was both supportive and insightful and helped me navigate my career to the next stage. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support to work through the next stage in their career. 


August 2022

Kellie has positively challenged me, opened my mind up to new styles of thinking and approaches and has boosted my confidence through her unique and engaging style. Kellie has made me feel comfortable with being open and honest and not afraid to express my internal fears. With her coaching and support, I have allowed myself to comfortably be outside of my comfort zone, successfully secured a new role and have grown in confidence personally and professionally throughout Kellie's coaching. I will continue to recommend Kellie as a coach - she is wonderful, honest, supportive and great fun to work with! Thank you Kellie!".

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