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Lets work together

When to work with me?


On your pregnancy journey

You might feel anxious about stepping away from your role to take maternity leave. Unsure how you will feel being a mum and on maternity leave. We will build you a plan focused on how you want to step out of the workplace and into your new role. Ensuring you feel relaxed on this journey and open to life with a newborn.



Postpartum and thinking about heading back to work? 

All too often see people heading back to work early as they feel pressured or just don’t know what else they can do. We jump back into the world of work, juggling parenthood without thinking about and planning how this new life is going to work. This leads to burnout, overwhelm and anxiety.  


Clients typically work with me in the last few months of their maternity leave to ensure they feel their best on return to work. Together we focus on; 


  • Finding Clarity; seeking clarity on your priorities and what's important to you through this transition 

  • Creating your plan; planning what works for you and your family, your work pattern and role to give you peace of mind

  • Empowering you; ensuring you are confident about those first few weeks of your return and setting you up for continued success in your career

Back at work and feeling the overwhelm

I work with a small number of Professional Women who want to make a difference in their lives.  We focus on your journey, your identity, your career and ensuring work life harmony. 



The sessions are bespoke to you and your areas of focus. We start with a set of themed sessions I’ve designed based on my experience to then shape a tailored plan during our first session together. We will then typically be meeting every 3-4 weeks but you will have access to me in-between for ad-hoc support and questions. I also have a network of professionals which I can connect you with to cover other aspects linked to your return to work like health & fitness or nutrition.

Look forward to connecting with you soon.


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