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Working from Home

Empower your employees to make career & parenthood work for them

Welcome to Career and Parenthood, your trusted partner for coaching-based solutions that empower your employees and nurture a family-friendly, inclusive culture. 


In today's fast-paced world, where professional aspirations and parenting responsibilities intersect, navigating the juggle can seem elusive.


That's precisely where we step in. At Career and Parenthood, we understand the complexities of returning to work after embracing parenthood. We offer tailored support that fits the unique needs of your organisation and its employees.

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Some of our incredible clients

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Corporate Services

Our tailored services are not just about supporting returning parents; they're about enhancing employee well-being, driving company productivity, and nurturing a talent pipeline for sustained success.


Investing in your employees is an investment in the overall health and success of your organisation. Learn more about creating a workplace where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to achieve their fullest potential.

Parental Transition Coaching

Are you a new parent navigating the transition back to the workplace after parental or maternity leave?


We understand the mix of emotions you may be experiencing - from uncertainty and overwhelm to a lack of confidence.


Our 1:1 Coaching for Parental Returners is tailored to provide you with personalised support and guidance every step of the way. 

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Kellie Nedelcoux

About Us

Kellie founded Career and Parenthood after recognising from her own experience that there isn’t enough support for women through this transformational journey of becoming a mother and navigating maternity leave with a career she loved. 

Already qualified and working in the leadership coaching space Kellie started to work with women returning from maternity leave quickly identifying that the limited support on return from maternity leave was significantly impacting women's careers as well as impact the business. 

Having spent many years in Senior HR Roles in well known and global organisations, Kellie is well placed to support HR teams and leaders to retain talent, build family friendly inclusive cultures and support employee wellbeing. 


The number of maternity returners who leave their full time role within the first 3 years post returning to work.


This juggling act, as well as the punitive cost, has led more than 249,124 working mothers of children aged four or under to leave their employer, according to the Fawcett Society.

1 in 5

One in five working mothers had considered leaving their job because of the difficulties of balancing work and childcare, according to the Fawcett Society.

Did you know?

Our Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to coaching, one that addresses not just the professional aspects of this transition but the personal ones as well. Our programs are designed to foster an environment where returning parents feel fully supported, both in their career ambitions and in their parenting journey. We partner with your HR teams or leaders to really support the whole organisation.

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Together we can make a real difference in the workplace for parental returners. 

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