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Career & Parenthood

Kellie Nedelcoux

New website coming soon

At Career and Parenthood we are all about partnering epic organisations who recognise the need to support parental returners and working parents and want to create an inclusive family friendly culture. 


Whether you are looking for maternity returner coaching to support your female talent, or a full diagnostic of your offering and solutions we are here to help you. 


We strongly believe in the value of supporting employees through life events and the absolute benefits this has for a business, including talent retention, increased productivity, a more inclusive culture all leading to happier employees!  That's before we start on the gender pay gap, your EVP and setting you apart from your competitors. 


We specialise in supporting Parental returners and working parents, this might look like:

- Workshops 

- 1:1 Returner coaching 

- Group Coaching 

- Talks 

- Diagnostic review of your parental support strategy


Our new sparkly website will be ready soon, in the meantime we would still love to talk, share ideas and collaborate.  

kellie nedelcoux
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