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Parental Transition Coaching is an empowering practice enabling the individual returning to feel confident and ready to navigate the juggle of career and life. This support benefits the individual returning to work with more clarify and focus.

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Our consultancy services provide organisations with customised solutions to address their specific needs and challenges related to supporting working parents. Whether it's designing family-friendly policies, implementing childcare support programs, or conducting parent engagement surveys, we work closely with organisations to create tailored strategies that promote work-life balance and employee well-being.

Our consultancy services are designed to deliver impactful results, helping organisations attract and retain top talent while fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and support.

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"Kellie has an incredible ability to understand your goals and strengths, translating them into actionable steps for professional growth. Her personalised approach allows you to feel extremely comfortable and she offers invaluable insights and advice to help you navigate returning back to work. If you're seeking a dedicated and insightful coach who can help you visualise your career success with new levels of clarity and confidence I would 100% recommend Kellie."

"I’d highly recommend Kellie as a knowledgeable, engaging, and authentic Parent & Carer coach, and speaker. Kellie supported ASOS for our internal careers event, and delivered a talk on ‘Parenting In The Workplace’. "

ASOS - Talent Acquisition leader

"Kellie is an incredible coach. Her knowledge on supporting those on parental leave and assisting parents with returning to work is unmatched. I highly recommend Kellie to anyone looking to get coaching services."

- Company Director


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