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Your personalised 1:1 coaching programme awaits

Tailored to your needs

At Career and Parenthood, we work with ambitious individuals, like yourself, who are already a parent or on the path to parenthood and are seeking additional support.

Whether it's ensuring you embark on maternity leave with confidence, assisting you in preparing for a successful return to work, or providing guidance on maintaining focus on your career while navigating family life, our purpose is to ensure you receive the support you need the most.

We work to support you before, during and after you return to work

Whether your focus is career navigation, confidence building or work-life balance. We work with you to provide the tools and strategies to support your return to work journey and beyond.

Father working and doing homework with his children

Less than 1 in 5 women return to work with confidence

We recognise the unique challenges that parents face when leaving and re-entering the workforce after a period of parental leave. That's why we offer personalised 1:1 programmes tailored to your individual needs. With our coaching, you receive a customised roadmap for success, fostering a smooth transition and empowering you to confidently pursue your professional goals. 

Why consider coaching?

Here are just some of the benefits our clients have experienced with having coaching:

  • Increased confidence and self belief

  • Establishing a work-life rhythm that benefits them

  • Confidence in defining priorities and communicating

  • Defining next steps in career advancement

  • Reconnecting with a sense of self.​

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