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Empower your team to embrace parenthood and step back into their careers with confidence


Employees returning from parental leave face a number of challenges navigating their new normal. With a fresh sense of identity, they jump back into the workplace and are often expected to seamlessly resume their careers. This, and the added pressures of having little ones at home, can cause a dip in confidence as they struggle to blend their two worlds into one.

Maximise your talent potential 

Our coaching solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing framework, offering the essential tools to enhance processes that empower both your business and teams.

By adopting our innovative coaching solutions and embracing a family-friendly approach, you position your organisation for employees and future employees, setting you apart from the competition.

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Employee Wellbeing

Prioritise the resilience and mental health of your team.


Attract and retain top talent for a future-ready workforce.

Employee Retention

Save on costs and time associated with replacements.

Increased Productivity

Content and supported employees are more productive.

Family-Friendly Culture

Create a workplace where work and family life can coexist

Benefits to your organisation


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"Kellie has an incredible ability to understand your goals and strengths, translating them into actionable steps for professional growth. Her personalised approach allows you to feel extremely comfortable and she offers invaluable insights and advice to help you navigate returning back to work. If you're seeking a dedicated and insightful coach who can help you visualise your career success with new levels of clarity and confidence I would 100% recommend Kellie."
"I’d highly recommend Kellie as a knowledgeable, engaging, and authentic Parent & Carer coach, and speaker. Kellie supported ASOS for our internal careers event, and delivered a talk on ‘Parenting In The Workplace’. "

ASOS - Talent Acquisition leader
"Kellie is an incredible coach. Her knowledge on supporting those on parental leave and assisting parents with returning to work is unmatched. I highly recommend Kellie to anyone looking to get coaching services."

- Company Director
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