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Parental Transition Coaching is an empowering practice enabling the individual returning to feel confident and ready to navigate the juggle of career and life. This support benefits the individual returning to work with more clarify and focus.

Parental Transition Coaching

Our personalised coaching programmes provide returning parents with the individualised support and guidance they need to successfully transition back into the workforce.


Led by qualified coaches who have lived experience, our coaching sessions ensure individuals feel equipped and prepared through this transformational journey and create a smooth return to work. We equip parents with the tools and confidence to thrive in their careers while balancing their family responsibilities.

Group Coaching: Returners

Designed for organisations with a number of returners every quarter. This programme covers the fundamental elements required to prepare individuals for return to work post parental leave. The sessions include tools, strategies and support models that individuals work through together in small set group coaching sessions.

Not only do individuals feel the power of the tools and strategies but build a network with other returners across the organisation.

Leadership Coaching

Unlocking Leadership Potential for Business Success

We specialise in empowering leaders to navigate significant career transitions with confidence and clarity. Our tailored coaching programmes are designed to equip individuals with the skills, strategies, and mindset needed to thrive in their role.

Our leadership coaching looks to enhance leadership skills, self-awareness, and effectiveness, ensuring that leaders not only excel in their individual roles but also contribute significantly to the growth and success of the entire organisation.

Our Coaching Focus Areas Include:

  • Transitioning to a New Role: Master the art of transitioning smoothly into a new leadership role, leveraging your strengths and overcoming challenges along the way.

  • Preparing for Promotion: Position yourself for success by developing the skills, visibility, and strategic mindset needed to secure that next level of leadership.

  • Moving to a New Organisation: Navigate the nuances of joining a new organisation with grace and confidence, building relationships, and making a lasting impact from day one.

"Kellie has an incredible ability to understand your goals and strengths, translating them into actionable steps for professional growth. Her personalised approach allows you to feel extremely comfortable and she offers invaluable insights and advice to help you navigate returning back to work. If you're seeking a dedicated and insightful coach who can help you visualise your career success with new levels of clarity and confidence I would 100% recommend Kellie."

"I’d highly recommend Kellie as a knowledgeable, engaging, and authentic Parent & Carer coach, and speaker. Kellie supported ASOS for our internal careers event, and delivered a talk on ‘Parenting In The Workplace’. "

ASOS - Talent Acquisition leader

"Kellie is an incredible coach. Her knowledge on supporting those on parental leave and assisting parents with returning to work is unmatched. I highly recommend Kellie to anyone looking to get coaching services."

- Company Director


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