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Coaching is an investment in yourself, it is a decision to focus on you, to make that change, get what you want and deserve. 

It is a journey that will focus on helping you understand your motivations and drivers so you can tap into that passion and reach your goals. We will work on unblocking anything that might be holding you back, be it confidence, time or fear.

Why work with me?

I will take you through an empowering and life changing process, supporting you to achieve results quicker than you would alone. Through coaching, you will have the support you need to make those bold decisions and the space to create and think. 


Specifically I work with you on you, your role, your potential and career. 


You will get

  • All the support you need 

  • A lot of challenge and motivation to level up and achieve more 

  • An external sounding board to your situation

  • An accountability buddy 

  • Space for yourself to think and focus 

  • New and innovative ideas


What is career coaching?

Career coaching can support you across all elements of your working life and will be significantly beneficial at different points in your career. You might be ready to find the next role for you. It could be that you are facing some challenges or conflict at work that you need some support in, or maybe you want to think about how you can be a better leader for your team. Career coaching should help you devise a plan to move forward from your current point.  


Is a career coach for you you?

A career coach is for you if you are ready to make a change, you want to make a difference for ourself or those around you and are willing to invest in yourself.  It’s important you feeling ready to take some action but be open to challenge and different thinking. A career coach will work with you to broaden the opportunities, challenging you in areas and importuning supporting you to move forward. 

How do you choose a career coach

Coaching is most powerful when you connect with your coach and feel you can trust them. Openness in a coaching relationship is key for you to get the most from the sessions. In choosing a coach my recommendation would be to find someone you feel you can trust, you feel will challenge you and that you will enjoy working with. 


‘’The coaching sessions were hugely beneficial in in helping me understand my limiting beliefs and how I can implement practical steps in my everyday life to maximise my time and energy for the things I love doing. Kellie is very confident, calm and relaxed and her coaching approach is very warm and sincere. She is excellent at challenging and exploring limiting beliefs that may be present and shows genuine care and enthusiasm.’’


‘’ I always felt listened to and left every session feeling motivated and excited to take action, and with more options than I had before the session. ‘’


‘’You are magical’’


‘’I cannot thank you  enough for the impact the 6 sessions has had on myself and my business.’’

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